Our main club training nights are every Tuesday and Thursday evening.

We meet 6pm at Port Talbot Cricket Club and usually start training around 6:15pm following club announcements. Training is usually finished by 7:30pm but occasionally overruns depending on the session.

Tuesdays: Speedwork

Every Tuesday we have speedwork training. We head out in groups of all abilities to various areas surrounding the cricket club to do a warm-up run followed by speedwork training. Each speedwork training session is different every week.

Starts: 6pm at Port Talbot Cricket Club

Thursdays: Tempo Run

Every Thursday we do an out-and-back tempo run towards either the beach or Briton Ferry. For this run the whole club runs together. We set a time (for example, 40 minutes) and you run for half the time (20 mins) then turn back to run to the starting point. You can either use this tempo run to improve your time or simply run it at your own pace.

Starts: 6pm at Port Talbot Cricket Club

Additional Training

Keep an eye out on our Facebook group PTH Talk as members organise additional training runs throughout the week. This includes:

  • Hill/strength training in Baglan dubbed “Baglan Hills” which usually takes place on Monday evenings
  • Mountain/trail run which sometimes take place early Saturday or Sunday morning
  • Long distance/road run which is a slower pace but longer run usually between 10-20 miles which takes place most early Sunday mornings

Please be aware these runs are not definite every week. You will need to check on Facebook if anything has been arranged.


Parkrun is a popular 5k run organised across the world in many cities and towns every Saturday at 9am (race start). Many of our club members run Parkruns every week. Local ones include Swansea Bay Parkrun, Gnoll Parkrun, Porthcawl Parkrun, Maesteg Parkrun and Llanelli Coast Parkrun.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook groupĀ PTH Talk to see who is doing a Parkrun this week.