Race Report - West Glamorgan XC League - Llanmadoc 2012

By Gareth Ayres


This race is part of the West Glamorgan Cross Country League, and is suitable for runners of all abilities. The course is along a country path to start which turns into a sandy path, before hitting the beach. The finish is roughly a K from the beach over a hill. In total the race is 4.5 miles long and fairly flat.

Mile 1

The start is a bit congested, with around 150 people trying to fit onto a single lane track. So getting close to the front for the start, then getting away quickly to avoid congestion is important here. The first mile is on a typical country track, with a few puddles thrown in which were hard/impossible to avoid. A fairly fast mile, which i did it in 5:49.
The picture above shows race leader and winner Matthew Harvey leading the way.

Mile 2

The second mile is the toughest of the race for me. It involves a few sharp climbs up sand dunes, a fair bit of running on sand and logs and a few sharp turns. The good thing about this mile is when it ends you pop out o n the beach front.
My slowest mile of the race, 6:22.

Mile 3

This mile is the first of two on the beach front. Its lucky it wasnt a windy day, as that could change the way this mile goes, but it was a calm day this time. I found this mile pleasant with the opportunity to get into a consistent rhythm. A bit of running over pebbles/shells etc is done, but its mainly on hard sand. The elevation graph above shows a climb on this mile, but there is not one. It must be a mistake on the mapping some how.
I did this mile in 6:02.

Mile 4

This is another mile on the beach front which. You can see the whole length of the beach, so it gives you the opportunity to see the leaders and try and close some gaps.
I did this mile in 6:02 again.

Mile 5 (0.5 miles)

The last part of the race involves leaving the beach over a boggy area and going up and over a sand-dune/hill to the finish. The climb is around 150-200 meters long maybe, with the same kind of length drop at the same gradient to the finish.


A good fast race, a typical cross country course. Its not suitable for spikes, normal race shoes are fine or even trail shoes. As with all West Glams, marshalling and orangisation were excellent.

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